So excited.  March is a busy month for making big plans with wedding clients for the year.  As the snow starts to melt everyone starts turning towards the rest of the year and all the milestones it will bring.

Happily, I just spoke with an old friend whose wedding will happen at SMCC, South Portland, in May of this year.  He and his fiancée are good friends, I’ve lived and worked with him, and I’m psyched to have the privilege not only to photograph them, but to have watched their relationship grow over the last five years.

Awhile ago we lost them to the Other Portland, but they’ll be coming back east to do the marriage thing!  Fantastic.  The shot above was taken by yours truly at Preble Light on the SMCC campus at sunrise, but luckily we won’t be there that early in the morning… not that I don’t love getting up before dawn for some serious shooting.  It will be a mid day ceremony and I am picturing some sunlight pouring through trees, sun flares and happy faces in my mind’s eye.

Now even more reasons to look forward to the Spring.  If you are looking for a photographer for your 2014 (or 15!) wedding my portfolio can be viewed here and pricing is conveniently located on the web.  You can contact me here!



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