One of my favorite parts of any wedding shoot is the time I have between the bride and groom’s preparations and the ceremony.  I like to wander around the decorated rooms and focus my camera in on the details.  After all, so much energy, time and love goes in to deciding what ways to visually communicate with your guests exactly who the two of you are.


Photographs of your wedding day details are a great way to space out images in your future photo album.  Sometimes looking at a lot of images (and after a wedding there are lots of photos!) it can be a little overwhelming.  Quiet and simple photographs of florals, jewelry, cake decoration and more can give the viewer a ‘rest’ before taking in more of that memory goodness.


Additionally, images like these can complete the picture of the day was really like.  The day whizzes by so fast that brides + grooms don’t often have the time to soak in the gorgeous space they have set up.  Capturing these things and tucking them in the pages of an album ensures you can admire all that goodness for years to come.


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