We are so lucky to have had a visit from Grammie last weekend, and of course a visit with her wouldn’t be complete without a swim in the pool.  I love shooting in and around pools.  The color of the aqua blue, lapping water, the gritty feel of the textured deck under foot, and the shapes.  Peoples bodies in water are so fantastic.  There are always these excellent, imagined environments around pools, too.  No matter what anyone tries to do they are so obviously artificial, yet simultaneously so satisfying and fun.  Without the threat of duck ear (gross) and sharks (not even joking) pools have become some of my favorite swimming water.  Oceans are still my favorite watching water, and rivers my favorite boating water.

My brother, Dylan, has been an underwater subject of mine before.  Some medium format pictures taken down in Florida about 8 years ago are still some of my favorite work to revisit.  Last weekend we got to take his daughter, Kiley, swimming and although she was reluctant at first she built more and more trust (previously she’s only been swimming with water wings) until she was riding Dylan around like he was a big, hairy dolphin.

Thankful to have been barefoot in January, and reminded just how much I love taking pictures by the water.

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