My fav-fav-favorite is taking pictures for bands.  Fur had an idea this Spring about the photo they’d like for their Sun Singles EP.  Photo shoot took place in the basement of an undisclosed location at an undetermined time under the cover of night.  I highly recommend experiencing at least one covert photo shoot in your […] Read on

alex + caitlin

alex + caitlin

Some shots of a fantastic time at Alex and Caitlin’s wedding.  Their family and friends are so welcoming, so sweet, so laid back, it felt more like a social event than work!  Of course that is the plus side of doing things you love – if you’re doing it right, it almost never feels like […] Read on

Rock!  Show!

Rock! Show!

Our fair city gets its fair share of great musical performances, national or local.  My particular interests are the bands that keep to the underground, usually arty kids with multidimensional talents.  Last week at Mayo Street Arts we got to see Fur (local, friends!), Parasol (Boston), Margy Pepper (Olympia, Washington) and Video Nasties (local) and […] Read on

Big Plans in May:  A + C

Big Plans in May: A + C

So excited.  March is a busy month for making big plans with wedding clients for the year.  As the snow starts to melt everyone starts turning towards the rest of the year and all the milestones it will bring. Happily, I just spoke with an old friend whose wedding will happen at SMCC, South Portland, […] Read on

January Swim - Family Portraits with the Family

January Swim – Family Portraits with the Family

We are so lucky to have had a visit from Grammie last weekend, and of course a visit with her wouldn’t be complete without a swim in the pool.  I love shooting in and around pools.  The color of the aqua blue, lapping water, the gritty feel of the textured deck under foot, and the […] Read on

Wedding Photography Offer - Now Through February 28th

Wedding Photography Offer – Now Through February 28th

Brilliant!  We are going live tonight, and in celebration of such a momentous occasion I am offering an early booking discount for wedding photography services between now and February 28th.  Cue the confetti and noisemakers! The services I offer can be found on the pricing page, and custom packages can be arranged if your needs […] Read on

Devil's in the Details

Devil’s in the Details

One of my favorite parts of any wedding shoot is the time I have between the bride and groom’s preparations and the ceremony.  I like to wander around the decorated rooms and focus my camera in on the details.  After all, so much energy, time and love goes in to deciding what ways to visually […] Read on

Rebecca + Anthony

Rebecca + Anthony

  Always such a good feeling to send some discs off in the mail — tonight I finished burning/packaging some videos for Rebecca and Anthony’s Friday night wedding last month.  November is a remarkably good month for weddings – no one is expecting them, everyone is happy to come together and warm up in the […] Read on

How to Choose Photography Coverage for Your Wedding

How to Choose Photography Coverage for Your Wedding

Perhaps I’m biased, but choosing a photographer is one of the most important vendor choices for your wedding day.  After the champagne is poured, the meals are eaten, the dance floor scuffed the remaining memories live in two places:  your mind’s eye and in photo albums.  So once you’ve finally found the perfect photographer, one […] Read on